By now everyone knows what happened, but to summarize, a Pakistani National was publicly harassed and physically tortured by a mob of over 400 people — ironically on the Independence Day of this Country, and on the place where the resolution of Pakistan was passed; Minar-E-Pakistan. There are a ton of questions that are eating everyone inside out — starting from simply a big “HOW?!”, moving towards “Why –”, along with, “What now? Are they going to be punished, is the government taking any action?” — “Did something like this ever happen before? Could it have been avoided?”, …

There are a variety of project management software in market — ranging from mobile apps, full-on managers that can handle industry-level task with hundreds of team members, or software for start-ups. Choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner.

If we exclude the expensive high-end project managers from the list, we are left with software like Thynkb and Notion — perfect for a startup or mid-range business, easy to operate and handle, perfect for a beginner, and above all, pocket-friendly. …

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Whether you are a start-up owner, run a mid-sized company or simply have a huge collage project — you are going to require a task or project management software to assist you on the way. There are a variety of options available online, software that can be installed — software confined to apps, and SaaS (Software as a Service) websites.

Thynkb and Monday are one of the most popular project management software out there, and to a beginner it is hard to do a comparison before making your investment. …

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The type of project, your team, and your management style all play a role in selecting the best project management software. For example, you could be working on a tiny software add-on or an entire system, with local personnel or coders from Eastern Europe, using a bottom-up strategy (working around coders’ ideas) or a top-down method (giving them exact ins and outs).

Need Of Project Management Software

You can have a solution with a lot of functions or a solution-specific function. When you look at project management solutions, you’ll see that they often fall into different categories. Often referred to be the “real” project management…

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Large and small businesses, without a doubt, juggle a plethora of projects, plans, tasks, and personnel. Having a solution in place can assist them in keeping everything organized while planning and executing projects in a precise, predictable, and lucrative manner. Project management software has a plethora of advantages.

Project management software is used for project planning, time management, resource allocation, and change management, among other things. Project management software is one of the most essential tools for helping businesses become more competitive and set themselves apart from the competition.

Thynkb Vs. Trello

Visual Representation

Thynkb makes use of a cloud-based digital whiteboard that allows users…

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Project management software is designed to make the workflow of a group of people working on the same project easier. It can be used by tiny startup teams, large seasoned teams, and even numerous teams working together to execute a project. The software enables you to assign and reassign jobs, conveniently track deadlines to ensure that they are met, and, of course, control the entire process from a central location.

The popularity of task management software can be attributed to two factors. To begin with, it is simple to use. Second, it is cost-effective. Furthermore, it frequently provides a free…

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In a firm, effective project management comprises meeting the project’s objectives on time while staying under budget. Making the necessary changes to a project at the proper moment can assist save resources and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Throughout the operation process, businesses face numerous challenges. From administrative tasks to project completion, you and your team may face roadblocks that stifle productivity, collaboration, and teamwork. Much has been done to try to tackle this challenge, and as a result of these efforts, project management software has been developed.

Project management is crucial because it…

Opening Whatsapp and Facebook in this Temporary Ban
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As the TLP situation is heating up, the Ministry of Interior has ordered our very own PTA to black all sorts of social media access. The block is supposed to be temporary and should be lifted at 4 Pm today.

But until that happens, anyone can access their social media accounts through a VPN. Social media is integral for communication now, and apps like WhatsApp are an essential part of your life, especially for businessmen, and people with jobs.

Here is a brief overview of the best free VPN apps for mobile phones, both Android, and iPhone.

Best Free VPN Apps for Android

Tunnel Bear VPN

The Tunnel Bear


First of all, we come to the term “contractions”. Contractions are simple, shortened words that are mostly used in informal speech and writings. The most common contractions are: haven’t — have not, she’d -she had, they aren’t — they are not, could’ve — could have, she’ll — she will and so on. To form a contraction, you just have to join two words, drop out some letters, and put an apostrophe to indicate the place where the letters have been dropped out but the case is not same when it comes to the contraction of “will not.” …

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Here we are going to discuss the economy of Pakistan from an omniscient perspective, or try to do so. We will start by discussing the economy of Pakistan in the past, and move on to the current situation and analyze it on the basis of what we have learned from the past. Discussing the reasons for the decline, and the aspects of development we will drive our final conclusion.


All the social structures that take part in the production, consumption, distribution, and exchange of services and goods including natural resources, labor, capital, or any other economic agent make up the…

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