Opening Whatsapp and Facebook in this Temporary Ban
Opening Whatsapp and Facebook in this Temporary Ban
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As the TLP situation is heating up, the Ministry of Interior has ordered our very own PTA to black all sorts of social media access. The block is supposed to be temporary and should be lifted at 4 Pm today.

But until that happens, anyone can access their social media accounts through a VPN. Social media is integral for communication now, and apps like WhatsApp are an essential part of your life, especially for businessmen, and people with jobs.

Here is a brief overview of the best free VPN apps for mobile phones, both Android, and iPhone.

Best Free VPN Apps for Android

The Tunnel Bear


First of all, we come to the term “contractions”. Contractions are simple, shortened words that are mostly used in informal speech and writings. The most common contractions are: haven’t — have not, she’d -she had, they aren’t — they are not, could’ve — could have, she’ll — she will and so on. To form a contraction, you just have to join two words, drop out some letters, and put an apostrophe to indicate the place where the letters have been dropped out but the case is not same when it comes to the contraction of “will not.” …

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Here we are going to discuss the economy of Pakistan from an omniscient perspective, or try to do so. We will start by discussing the economy of Pakistan in the past, and move on to the current situation and analyze it on the basis of what we have learned from the past. Discussing the reasons for the decline, and the aspects of development we will drive our final conclusion.


All the social structures that take part in the production, consumption, distribution, and exchange of services and goods including natural resources, labor, capital, or any other economic agent make up the…

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It is not all-easy getting through college life, and while some have it their way — the easy way — some are not so diligent, and at times the student is not to blame rather the system. Anyhow, if we are talking about getting through college in a good and effective way, so that one may not only learn but excel and benefit the most, then here is a list of top 4 skills the student must have!

  1. Self-Management

Managing the self, is a skill rather overlooked in all times due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that…

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In phonetics, we have a branch named articulatory phonetics and in that branch of field one of the most key point words is “Place of Articulation” or “Point of articulation”. As we know, in phonetics we study the sounds of words we utter or our speech. While articulation is simply the process of mechanism of making sounds for our daily lives or speech.

Once we start to study how sounds are articulated, or made, for speech, we start to see that there are several things that happen at the same time to make the sounds possible. …

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In simple terms, manner of articulation is something we study in articulatory phonetics, as the interaction of articulators. Articulators are speech organs, like the tongue and lips, or the palate. Thus, when we make a sound, it is with the help of the movement of these articulators, and the manner in which they move, which is what we are discussing here.

Stops / Plosives sounds

A stop sound, or plosive sounds are a result of blocking of the oral vocal tract, and thus there is no nasal air flow involved, as the air stop completely. It can be classified in two categories; of voiced…

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Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Allama Iqbal’s role was quintessentially helpful in the making of Pakistan. His most prominent effort was to dream a country where a Muslim can live peacefully without any oppression from the Hindu neighbors. This idea was especially orthodoxical for that time as Hindu majority would never accept any sovereign state by Muslims, in coming years Jinnah would solidify this idea into a strong country, Iqbal also contributed to Pakistan as the president of Muslim League Punjab, he pointed out arduous relations of Unionist party leader Fazal Hussain to Jinnah, at the time Hussain was against Muslim League and its efforts…

There is no wonder that after reading the history of philosophy, one must be compelled to seek a critical evaluation of all the opinions that one had encountered. Above all, and fundamentally happiness, a contempt notion induced by virtue as Zeno of Citium thought, or a trait induced by specific external events like Franklyn had thought?

Primarily, happiness has been the subjective consequence to the meaning of an individual’s life. Additionally, adding science into the view, it is just a few neurotransmitters that overflow in our bodies due to certain events; like good weather would release dopamine, making you feel…

Snowflakes are lovely, they have fascinating shapes that are a delight to the eyes. But when the brain behind those eyes wonder how could something like that have such intricate, symmetrical structures, thoughts go puzzling. And they should’ve been more puzzling for people who were born before atoms were discovered, why? We’ll get to that in a minute.

The earliest known account in history about the hexagonal shape of a snowflake was in 135 B.C., by a Chinese scholar Han Yin. …

Everybody loves music, and probably has a favourite band or singer, but when scientists are obsessed with a singer or a band, and happen to discover a species that maybe has some kind of resemblance to their idol; golden-haired flies are named Scaptia Beyonceae. However, not always they need to search for reasons and similarities between a musician and their discovery. They can just name something Bumba Lennoni because they love the Beatles.

Here is a list of 9 times when scientists named newly discovered species after musicians, either because of certain similarities or die-hard fandom.

(Image Credit: Ana Ješovnik…

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