The 4 Fundamental Skills for a Student

Ahmad Zabir
5 min readAug 15, 2020
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It is not all-easy getting through college life, and while some have it their way — the easy way — some are not so diligent, and at times the student is not to blame rather the system. Anyhow, if we are talking about getting through college in a good and effective way, so that one may not only learn but excel and benefit the most, then here is a list of top 4 skills the student must have!

  1. Self-Management

Managing the self, is a skill rather overlooked in all times due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that we humans are always inclined towards leisure and pleasure. In essence, self-management is more than a skill, it can be called a lifestyle, as a person who knows how to manage himself can easily rule his immediate surroundings, and his life. As we humans are instinctive ease-seekers, it is a rather difficult task for most of us to manage our selves.

To understand self-management skill, we have to first know what are the dynamics of life. A human life is comprised of certain elements, which include emotions, time, tasks, mood-swings and different reactions, desires, wants, etc. We all our crowded in these elements on an individual scale, and thus, to be able to effectively balance all these elements is called self-management.

In academics, self-management is important as a skill because without it, there is no way a student can optimize learning. Even in life, if one is not in command of one’s own self, one would simply be run-on by one’s emotions and desire, leading to a devastating path of misery.


A good example of self-management skill can be seen in a comparative study of a start-up businessman’s and a titan’s life. Bill Gates is a titan, so is Elon Musk. They all follow different rules of self-improvement, like the 5-hour rule, with the motto that if you are not spending at least 5 hours a week trying to improve yourself, you are clearly wasting yourself. These people are busier than one can ever imagine, after all running a variety of businesses and attending a myriad of events on a weekly basis is not easy. Yet, they have managed their lives so well, and so pin-point, that they still spare at least 5 hours a week to improve their selves.

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