Thynkb Vs. ClickUp — An In-depth Comparison of the Two

Ahmad Zabir
3 min readJul 29, 2021
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Project management software is designed to make the workflow of a group of people working on the same project easier. It can be used by tiny startup teams, large seasoned teams, and even numerous teams working together to execute a project. The software enables you to assign and reassign jobs, conveniently track deadlines to ensure that they are met, and, of course, control the entire process from a central location.

The popularity of task management software can be attributed to two factors. To begin with, it is simple to use. Second, it is cost-effective. Furthermore, it frequently provides a free version with extensive capabilities. Project management software can be utilized in any type of business where projects and tasks within those projects need to be organized. The program aids in the division of projects into different tasks, the analysis of productivity, the creation of deadlines, and the communication of team members.

Comparison of Thynkb and ClickUp

ClickUp gives teams access to a variety of useful tools. However, unlike other project management software, ClickUp is suitable for single users. Its set of functionality is ideal for keeping track of daily tasks. The user interface is easy to grasp and utilize, and the connectors enable a team of one to save time when working with several programs.

On the other hand, Thynkb comes with a minimalistic design that can even be used by utmost beginners — has the scalability level from 1 to 1000+ users — can be set up within 5 minutes and provides technical support to its users too.

Target Audience — Beginners or Professionals?

Thynkb has a minimalistic dashboard design for ease of access. Moreover, the information is provided in one place that makes it easier for people to have complete insight of important details on the same platform. This makes Thynkb perfect for all even utmost beginners.

ClickUp on the other hand has a rather overwhelming dashboard design that takes time to set up and understand. Thus, prior knowledge of task management is required to be efficient with this software.




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